Greensboro Real Estate Changing the Corner

Since the “Great Recession” continues to wane, all parts of life seem to restoring a few semblance of normalcy. Real Estate and also housing was the prominent participant in the recession and we are at last seeing light at the ending of the tunnel in Greensboro. Real Estate in the triad carries a new problem is rising that Realtor community didn’t believe we would have to deal with anymore. Lack of quality supply!!

For the very first time in 5 years sellers are earning back the negotiating power in the Triad. Greensboro, Summerfield, Jamestown, and also Oak Ridge are seeing huge proportion increase in transactions. The combination of rational financing and large pent up buyer need, low interest rates and also record affordability have just worked to draw down on the back record of homes in the system.

The story for the last four years has been foreclosures and even their impact on home prices in a lot of neighborhoods. While there will still be and always be foreclosures out there, the bigger issue we are noticing now is lack of high quality inventory. Without fail, whenever a nicely updated home is available on the market now wherein the seller has priced it reasonably (not aggressively low) but in line with precisely what sells in the neighborhood, it is becoming multiple offers.

This isn’t anecdotal, agencies and buyers throughout the triad are having the similar challenge. If you remember your own economics 101 class, when source is constrained, price increases always appear to follow. This dynamic is setting negotiating power back into the vendors hands.

By no means am I recommending that the Greensboro market is perfectly healthy. I have been suggesting it’s rational though. Houses fairly priced that are excellent quality are selling fast at fair price ranges. Homes that are in poor shape that are not priced appropriately are sitting on the market.

If you were on the fence about selling, awaiting the market to turn. Evaluate the quality of your property vs. what is in the marketplace. If you have completed some updating and will be ready to sell your home, be ready it may go faster than you think!

Should you haven’t updated in a while, it is easier than you may imagine to get your residence prepped for sale. is a regional vendor on Battleground Ave. that carries a huge variety of flooring products very affordable. They have contractors to calculate and install your flooring on staff. Another thing, it really is a small thing, however updating your faucets, decorative mirrors and brass door holders can be a very affordable way of getting your home ready for sale and also creating the illusion of an overpriced remodel.

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